Immigration Unit

Album Production "Cyber Soul

Thanks to GGG Kulturkick, we had the chance to go to record our first album in London at Fish Factory Studios. There, we had the great opportunity to collaborate with the assistant sound engineer of Tommaso Colliva (MUSE's producer) to get a really high quality sonic result of the direct takes. After 10 days of recording, the plan was to proceed with mixing the whole session with the same engineer. However, after some experimentation made on our own, we decided to change plans in order to keep full control over our work, seeking for our own sound. For this reason we asked Daniel Dettwiler from Idee & Klang to collaborate with us for the mixing, keeping in this way the possibility to work on it ourselves and collaborate in a faster and more efficient way. On the 29.6 IU will finally release independently a 5 tracks EP called Sofa Heroes (featuring Manuel Gagneux and Arthur Hnatek). The complete album is still in process, since we are currently working on details and waiting for important partnerships before releasing it. We are now very happy of the path we are taking. These collaborations helped us shaping and strengthening the milestones of our artistic and social intention.
02.12.2017 - 01.01.2018
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