eine Einzelausstellung von Leah Nehmert


For my solo presentation « Wanderlust » at Standard Deluxe (Lausanne), I showed thirteen new paintings and three new sculptures. Some works were produced during my two months residency at Fundaziun Nairs (Scuol) where I have been working on a new body of works as well as hiking in the Swiss Alps.

For me, the process of painting shares a kinship with the act of walking. Both processes unfurl in rythmes and punctuation of stillness demanding a steadfast endurance that bridges the gap between the body and the surrounding world. While some paintings may occasionally evoke a sense of landscape or a fleeting figurative form, my true fascination lies in the elusive and ambiguous nature of the medium.

The three wooden sculptures within the exhibition embody the essence of a forest, beckoning visitors to traverse through their intricacies. Guitare strings, resonating with invisible vibrations, symbolize the intrinsic connection between nature and music. Adorning these strings are drawings on Korean paper, a visual representation of collaborative jam sessions held during the residency with fellow artists. Nestled within the tree trunk is an edelweiss, a homegrown treasure gifted by Karin Holm, the residency's housekeeper.

"Wanderlust" invites the spectator to explore not only the visual aesthetics of the artworks but also to engage in a sensorial journey that intertwines my experiences in the Swiss Alps with the rhythmic cadence of my creative process.

10.11.2023 - 03.12.2023
Unterstützt mit
CHF 2’600
Leah Nehmert, Künstlerin